I am currently interested in geometrical and topological aspects of String Theory and QFT, Algebraic Geometry, Enumerative Geometry, Mirror Symmetry, Derived Algebraic Geometry.

I have done research in Topological String Theory, Gromov-Witten Invariants, Mirror Symmetry, Gravitational Field Theories, Theoretical Particle Physics and Standard Model. 


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With C.-Y. Seng, M. Gorchtein and U.-G. Meißner.  Accepted on JHEP. 2022

With C.-Y. Seng, W. Marciano and U.-G. Meißner, on PhysRevD. 2021.

With  C.-Y. Seng, M. Gorchtein and U.-G. Meißner, on JHEP. 2021

With C.-Y. Seng, M. Gorchtein and U.-G. Meißner, on Physics Letters B. 2021.

With C.-Y. Seng, and U.-G. Meißner, on JHEP. 2020.

With Adel Khoudeir, on Modern Physics Letters A.  2018.


Title:  From muon decay to a new theory framework for the electroweak radiative corrections in Kl3 decays. (pdf)

Advisor:   Prof. Ulf-G. Meissner.

Title:  Partially Massless and self-duality in 3 dimensions. (pdf)

Advisor:   Prof. Adel Khoudeir

Prof. Dr. Ulf-G. Meißner (left) and Dr. Chien Yeah Seng (right) - from the Helmholtz Institute for Radiation and Nuclear Physics at the University of Bonn.© Photo: Volker Lannert/University of Bonn.